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کتاب دیتا لایف را قورت دهید! – آموزش جامع دیتالایف انجین


کتاب آموزشی دیتالایف انجین را قورت دهید نوشته شده توسط سایت پروگ پارس ،  کتابی کامل و جامع برای کسانی که میخواهند سیستم دیتالایف انجین را به عنوان سیستم سایت خود استفاده کنند. و 

دانلود مجموعه آموزش جامع HTML5

 دانلود مجموعه آموزش جامع HTML5.

Wiley – HTML5 24-Hour Trainer DVD

HTML is the core technology for building websites. Today, with HTML5 opening the Internet to new levels of rich content and dynamic interactivity, developers are looking for information to learn and utilize HTML5. HTML5 24-Hour Trainer provides that information, giving new and aspiring web developers the knowledge they need to achieve early success when building websites.

Covers the most basic aspects of a web page, including a brief introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Provides lessons that are backed up by professionally created training videos and interactive content to fully illustrate the dynamic nature of HTML5 and the Internet, while also providing a full learning experience
Combines easy-to-follow lessons with expertly crafted training videos to provide you with both written and interactive instruction for learning HTML5

This is the companion DVD that comes with the book, ebook is not included.

* Lesson 1: What is HTML?
* Lesson 2: Creating your first web page
* Lesson 3: Viewing web pages
* Lesson 5: Testing CSS
* Lesson 6-1: Creating paragraphs for web pages
* Lesson 6-2: Adding heading tags to a page
* Lesson 6-3: Adding a character entity to a page
* Lesson 7-1: Specifying a font-family
* Lesson 7-2: Setting the font size and spacing in a paragraph
* Lesson 7-3: Defining text color
* Lesson 7-4: Centering text
* Lesson 8-1: Linking to a page from another site
* Lesson 8-2: Linking to another part of the current web page
* Lesson 8-3: Styling text links
* Lesson 9: Validating your pages
* Lesson 10-1: Adding an image to a page
* Lesson 10-2: Aligning images
* Lesson 10-3: Adding a background image to a page
* Lesson 11: Using image maps
* Lesson 12: Adding horizontal rules
* Lesson 13-1: Inserting an unordered list
* Lesson 13-2: Styling an unordered list
* Lesson 14-1: Inserting an ordered list
* Lesson 14-2: Combining ordered and unordered lists
* Lesson 15-1: Creating a navigation bar
* Lesson 15-2: Adding a definition list
* Lesson 16: Building a simple table
* Lesson 17: Styling tables
* Lesson 18: Making tables more accessible
* Lesson 19-1: Adding text and textarea fields
* Lesson 19-2: Inserting radio buttons, checkboxes, and select lists
* Lesson 19-3: Including form buttons
* Lesson 20-1: Adding a fieldset and legend
* Lesson 20-2: Styling a form with CSS
* Lesson 21: Adding javascript
* Lesson 22: Advanced javascript
* Lesson 23: Working with Plug-Ins
* Lesson 24: Inserting audio
* Lesson 25: Inserting video
* Lesson 26: Looking ahead in HTML5
* Lesson 27: Enhancing web page structure
* Lesson 28: Integrating advanced design elements


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